Important tips for dry vent cleaning

Clogging of vents does pose to be a major issue. If you analyse the cleaning of dry vents does assume a lot of importance. This would be for the simple reason as a major portion of fires occurs to the bad management of it. As dryers are not visible to the naked eye, most house owners end up neglecting it. If your event put a lint trap then also you will be able to remove 80 % of lint. This means that a substantial portion of lint still remains. It happens to be quiet flammable and the fire can reach out to all corners of your home within a span of a few seconds. In this regard dry vent cleaning San Antonio does prove to be a worthy solution.


  • To start off the process of dry vent cleaning in the line trap no rips have to be there. You need to clean it before you load the clothes. In the tap, if the lint happens to be wet, then professional cleaning of the vents would be necessary. You would need to clean the screen once a week.
  • If the dryer happens to be in operation do check the exterior portion of the vent. The flaps might be moving and feel the airflow to figure out whether vents are working or not. If this does not happen to be the case then regular inspection would be necessary.
  • Do check around the dryer to verify it there does exist any lint that exists on the floor. It does point to the situation that the exhaust needs cleaning on an immediate basis.
  • If the clothes are known to take a longer time to dry, you would need to let the dryer work in an efficient manner and then clean it off
  • Do not rag any clothes that you have gone on to put in inflammable liquid

For dry vent cleaning, you would need to get in touch with a professional company on a regular basis. They would meet you and then inspect the vents. At the same time, you can clean the vents in your home if you have the right type of instruments. Examples are brushes or rods that you can attract to a high power drill. But most of the homeowners do not have any experience and it does make sense to avail the services of a professional. A host of things could be wrong with the vents and you might not be aware of what to choose. If the company does appear to be good they will have the knowledge along with the expertise to cope up with such situations.

A host of repairs are there in place that you would need to avail from time to time.  The list of repair would include to repair a loose vent or to clean the exits of the ducts. To ensure that fire does not occur at your premises it does make sense to clean the vents once in a year. As part of your home maintenance, it assumes a lot of importance.